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Axal Pro tablet salt is the only water softener salt that has a perfect record of performance over many years with 10's of thousands of bags used without a single blockage being observed in brine tanks.  Generally priced between 6.50 to 8 euros a bag, it had previously costed 7.50 to 10 euros in Galway County and is found in most large hardware and co-op stores.

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Axal Pro is the one brand that is covered for use under our warranty terms, and will guarantee that no call out expenses will be liable if salt problems are suspected in brine tanks.  Typical salt use for the average sized household using a metered water softener is between 2 to 6 bags per year.  Old Autotrol timer softeners may use 12 to 20 bags of salt per year.

Certain other brands have been observed on too many occasions over the years to have clogged up in salt bins requiring a service call out and salt bin clean out.  Use of other brand salts may invalidate warranties and cause the expense of service call outs.

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