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Our range of Watergroup ultraviolet sterilisers are for domestic and commercial use with the most popular size system being the 6 gpm domestic household ultraviolet steriliser and the 12 gpm larger household or light commercial ultraviolet disinfection unit being commonly used in Galway and Ireland.  Our top end quality UV systems are half price as part of a water softener package and the reliability rating of our variable voltage highly stable UV ballasts mean extremely low servicing, so the overall costs to buy and run our systems are the most cost effective on the market.

Ultraviolet sterilisers need a 5 micron pre-filter as recommended by the HSE for UV systems.  Watergroup ultraviolet systems come with a 10 year parts and labour warranty, which is the longest warranty in the industry.  Service call outs are available for annual ultraviolet lamp changes, or a 3 pack DIY UV lamp service bundle and 3 pack 5 micron pre-filter bundle can be offered at a third of the price of the normal year to year servicing costs.

ultraviolet information

Using ultraviolet disinfection to sterilise water borne bacteria began in the 1960’s and later on Atlantic Ultraviolet, Trojan Ultraviolet and Wedeco Ultraviolet developed commercial UV systems.

Due to the success of ultraviolet sterilisers, affordable ultraviolet systems became available backed by health authorities for safe bacterial UV sterilisation of bacterially contaminated water supplies.

Ultraviolet disinfection is the safest and most effective form of bacterial disinfection, with working efficiences of up to 99.999999%.  Allowing a calculated flow of infected water to be passed in contact with a high intensity ultra violet (UV) light source deactivates the reproductive DNA and RNA of viruses, bacteria and cysts, rendering them harmless leading to swift cell death.

Ultraviolet disinfection systems for household use typically operate on 20 to 40 watts and require a new ultraviolet replacement lamp every 12 months along with a 5 micron prefilter cartridge, as the optimum UV light output starts to degrade after 9,000 hours of use or 1 calendar year.

Ultraviolet lamps work best on water free of water hardness, colour and turbidity that obstruct the transmission of ultraviolet rays. Unless water is naturally soft, sourced from a granite rock area, a water softener can be used.

Health authorities rate safe levels of contamination as less than 1 organism in 10 litres of mains water with ultraviolet bacteriocidal units being effective above the 99.95 % sterilisation range. When levels of contamination are recorded in a water supply by measuring an average level of pathogens per litre of water, it becomes easy to calculate a safe threshold for drinking use. If a mains water scheme has established a good track record of disinfection using modern treatment, the level of post treatment at domestic level should be able to be kept to a minimum.