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Water Filters

Galway Water supply many different types of water filter cartridges.  Actual water filter longevity has a wide range, with a real life wide range of stress loading based on …

 a) Sediment - Various public water schemes, and various parts of schemes, can have different levels of dirt.  Some mains water municipal schemes can be clean of sediments, but high in chlorine or bad in other ways.  Some can be dirty with sediments, also "end of line" meaning higher dirt load.

 b) Volume - Some single user, couples, older people, family, and larger family water use can vary.  The range of daily water usage in one house to another can vary from 1 or 2 L per day, to average 10 L, to 20 or 30 L.  Volume of use affects the widest range of filter cartridge longevity.

c) Pressure - Ireland has the most varied water pressure in Europe from 5 psi to 150 psi on water schemes.  Water pressure should be 3 bar or 44 psi like car tyre pressure, no less than 22 psi and as high as 66 psi.  Filters on weaker water pressure clog quicker, and on higher water pressure run longer.

Factor in all 3 main variables   DIRT LOAD  X  VOLUME USAGE  X  WATER PRESSURE

Best scenario - Zero sediments  X  One elderly occupant  X  High water pressure 120 psi

(Filter life many, many years)

Average scenario - Min. sediments  X  Full family of 4  X  3 bar water pressure 44 psi

(Filter life 2 to 3 years) (Can be 1 to 5 years !!!)

Worst scenario - Highest dirt load  X  Big family of 10  X  Low water pressure <10 psi

(Filter life a few days / a few weeks)


A pre-filter cartridge service of several types of water filters including call out ranges from 50 to 100 euros every 1 to 3 years depending on water conditions. 

We supply water filters to DIY clients in single volumes or box volumes at large price reductions especially if we can meet to match your existing water filter cartridges.

For all servicing enquiries please call Paul on - 087 333 0333 


10" sediment water filters

10" carbon block water filters

10" re-usable / washable grit water filters

RO membranes

20" sediment slimline water filters

20" re-usable / washable grit water filters


Aquaphor series of filter cartridges  K5, K3, K2, K7, K7B, KH, K7M  Osmo 50 membrane, Osmo 100 membrane

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