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May 1, 2015: Master Water Specialist


Moving further on from Galway Water's membership of the Water Quality Association for many years, and top level Certified Water Specialist VI status, the WQA have now listed Galway Water as a Master Water Specialist since 1st May 2015.

The Water Quality Association is dedicated to promoting the highest principles of honesty, integrity, fair dealing and professionalism in the water quality industry.

Galway Water passed all 8 of the rigorous 3 hour WQA exams between 2008 to 2010 in the U.S. to gain WQA Certified Water Specialist - VI.

Along with the WQA Certified Installer level and WQA Certified Water Representative level.

In doing so we have set a number of records in this field ...

Galway Water are the only water treatment business in Ireland and Europe to achieve all these levels.

(Galway Water passed the final WQA CWS-VI level in March 2010. Galway Water were the first to gain WQA Certified Water Specialist status in Ireland and the first for all WQA CWS - II - III - IV - V and VI levels also WQA Certified Installer and WQA Certified Sales Representative status in Europe.)

Galway Water are the fastest in the 40 year history of WQA to pass all these exams in the shortest 2 year time span.  All passed first time round.

The WQA now list the highest ranking WQA Certified Water Specialists in the higher categories V and VI from now on as Master Water Specialists.

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