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Jan 5, 2013: Meter Water Softeners


All water softeners and water softener valves sold by Galway Water since 2005 have been Clack WS1CI commercial quality metered water softeners.

These are "volumetric" water softeners, designed to measure water flow. They optimise water softener salt use to a very high efficiency.

Clack water softener valves are the most evolved valves on the water softener market.  Launched in 2000 from a US firm now established for 70 years.

Clack water softener valve controls are NSF certified + WQA gold seal approved.  Clack water softener control valves are designed to have the best specifications and reliability of any water softener valves on the international market.

Developed for extreme reliability, domestic and commercial use, Clack WS1CI water softener valves have no metal parts to rust away and have Euro programme data to match EU lab reports.

WS1CI meter water softener valves by Clack have no equal.  Even in domestic use they have a commercial pedigree.  Clack focus on 3 levels of smaller valve types, 3 button timer, 4 button EI and 5 button CI.  Clack WS1CI (5 button) metered water softener valves are the optimum specified.

Clack water softener valves treat incoming water then clean and soft via brine channels.  Keeping valve internals and salt tanks clean and free of dirt or scale, unlike many other brands.

The benefits of the Clack WS1 water softener valve system are manifold.  Accurate water metering and recording of all water during the water softener's life.  This allows important feedback of water use for water softener servicing.  Also for household water leak detection.  And ultimately for conserving water.  Especially since water meters are due to be installed in most houses nationally by 2015.

A silent and hard to see water leak within cisterns of toilets draining into the bowl can lose a household thousands of litres of water per day.  Often up to ten or twenty times the amount of the overall water used within a household each day.

Water softeners without water meters, (timer softeners), are out of date and are inefficient where salt use is concerned or for detecting water usage or leaks.  Galway Water keep a keen eye on subtle signs using Clack systems where client households appear to have leaks or toilet seepage. 

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